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Ukraine Thoughts of Faith has been instrumental in reintroducing Christianity to eastern Europe. The Ukrainian Lutheran Church grew into existence through active mission work by Thoughts of Faith in the 1980s and 90s. The people of Ukraine have suffered greatly under tyranny - 15 million dead in the twentieth century from man-made famines, Soviet purges, the ravages of war, and the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Tens of millions more still struggle under the lingering effect of the abuses of the past. It is sadly fitting that the national anthem is entitled: "Ukraine has not yet died." But where the sin and its effects are great, the Savior is still greater! Read More

Czech Republic The communists were very effective at suppressing Christianity in the Czech Republic, so successful in fact that most Czechs are atheists.... Read More...

St. Paul Lutheran Church & School

Latvia Pastors like Gundars Bakulis and Ilars Plume have built the Augsburg Institute and the Confessional Lutheran Church of Latvia (CLCL) into quite a success story - 11 pastors, 13 congregations and 500 adults, and the numbers are growing. Read More...

CLCL Clergy

Evangelical Lutheran SynodThoughts of Faith is a mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod

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